Oleum Comitis Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Abruzzo, 100% Italian

Oleum Comitis produces and sells Abruzzo extra virgin olive oil online throughout Italy, Europe and the world.

Oleum Comitis

100% Italian
Proudly from Abruzzo

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Pressed

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Oleum Comitis
Oleum Comitis

The philosophy of Oleum Comitis

An extra virgin olive oil that comes from the pressing of Abruzzo olives meticulously selected by our trusted farmers who, with so much passion and tradition, take care of and dedicate themselves to our olive groves on the gentle and magnificent hills of Abruzzo.

Our olive groves stand out because they boast a spectacular view of the Gran Sasso d'Italia, the Maiella and there is no shortage of a fascinating view of the clear blue Adriatic sea of ??the Abruzzo coast, a position that gives a unique flavor to our olives.

Our production areas with olive groves have all the ingredients to be able to give birth to a 100% Italian quality oil with Leccino and Gentile di Chieti olives, for a unique and superlative extra virgin olive oil.

At the origins of a good extra virgin olive oil there are two ingredients: the olive tree and the expert hand of those who know how to treat it. Oleum Comitis aims to enhance these elements, together with the importance of an extraordinary territory of origin, such as Abruzzo.

In mythology, the olive tree was always a symbol of strength, peace and vitality and charity. In Egypt, in the rites of the Greeks, the Etruscans and also in the old Roman Empire and also in the liturgies we always find the olive tree.